June 18, 2020

Micro Weddings….The Expected (and Unexpected!) Benefits of Hosting a Small Wedding

With some of the restrictions which have been keeping us behind doors finally being lifted, we thought we should discuss the “micro wedding” – the new moniker being used for wedding receptions of 10 or less.

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For the vast majority of couples out there, we’re guessing an intimate wedding reception will seem like a consolation prize rather than the wedding of your dreams.  We feel for you! Having a micro reception would not be our first pick if we were hoping to celebrate our happy day surrounded by friends and family.  And for many, the months you have already invested in planning mean that  postponing the wedding is probably the best way forward.

There are, however, some perks to having a “curated” guest list and here are some thoughts (and even some positives!) to consider before discounting an intimate wedding entirely.  Let us know what you think…

  1. Costs
  2. The most obvious pro to having a small wedding is cost.  While there can be immense financial savings by reducing your guest count, the time savings you will gain are also worth noting.  Although not totally linear, the extra time it takes to plan a reception for 200 vs. 10 is dramatic.  Tasks such as managing guests lists and invitations, creating seating charts and itineraries, organizing special meals/needs and transport (if necessary), communicating with vendors, etc, are all much more time-consuming when working with large numbers.  Receptions for 20 or less are easily managed with the help of a good caterer and rarely require more than a few a week or two of planning to finalize.
    1. Put the guest list savings towards splurges
    2. Should you decide to pare down your reception, the savings on guest list can be put towards some of the splurges you would have otherwise had to forgo at your big wedding.  Think champagne and hand-crafted cocktails vs. a basic bar rail, being able to hire that amazing photographer/DJ/videographer you couldn’t afford previously and setting a magazine-worthy tablescape with premium flowers, linens and dinnerware.

    More intimate
    One thing is for sure;  The more guests at a wedding, the less likely your chances of visiting with each of them on your big day.  Many couples often note that their day, “went by in a blur” and can hardly remember seeing everyone at their wedding let alone spending time with them.  While we cannot guarantee that having a small wedding will make your day become less of a blur, we do know that the fewer the guests, the better the likelihood you will have time to spend with each and every one of them.

    1. Less stress
    2. Along with the cost and time savings inherent in an intimate wedding, the stress surrounding small weddings is *typically* less.   We say this cautiously as we know most weddings will, at some point along the line, cause stress.  As many of us have witnessed, things at weddings can and do go wrong and having a smaller crowd to contend with makes any challenges that arise much easier to manage.  Added bonus? Because you are only dealing with your nearest and dearest, we can’t think of a more understanding and flexible crowd should things not go according to plan.
      1. Weddings Receptions “To Go” and Two-part Celebrations
      2. As of today, only wedding receptions in Ontario are limited to 10 people.  Ceremonies of up to 50 are permissible outdoors and at indoor venues, up to 1/3 of a venue’s capacity is allowed if guests maintain physical distancing.  How about having a ceremony and then sending your guests off with an elegant pique-nique dinner and a bottle of bubbly so that they can continue the celebrations at home?
      3. Or, consider moving forward with just your ceremony on the original date and either live-stream the vows or have a professional videotape your nuptials.  Instead of forgoing the reception altogether, host a killer cocktail party to fully celebrate your big day when large crowds are once again allowed.

      Please let us know what you think of our list or share your experience hosting a small wedding in the comment section below.